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Website Transfer

Website Transfer Service also known as Website Migration

We know that a lot of care is needed to move a website, server or application. Benefit from our experience! We experience many relocations and our support team has a lot of experience with this.

An expert team is ready to help you transfer your website, contact us directly for the relocation service. We ensure a smooth transition of your website, e-mail and everything that goes with it without any downtime. This is in consultation with our support team.


How does a normal website transfer or migration work?

You can easily request the transfer code from your current (hosting) provider for transferring the domain. Then we will ask you for the login details of the hosting package of the server that is with the current provider. We will then make a backup of the website. The backup will be placed back in the new environment that you can purchase from us. When the relocation is complete, you will receive a delivery e-mail with all required information. All steps are in consultation with our support team and the relocation service is fully free of charge.

Can you move my e-mail as well?

It is of course possible to move your e-mail address. In addition, there are also possibilities that we guide you in transferring your e-mail.

Do we have any downtime when transferring?

We will move the website without any downtime, no email will be lost. Just contact us!

I don't know anything about it, can you transfer everything?

We ensure a smooth transition of your website, e-mail, databases, settings, files and everything that goes with it. This is in consultation with our support team.

What do I have to provide with a website relocation?

With a website relocation it is important that you are in possession of a relocation code. You can easily request this from us via the service page. If you want to move a website to us, you can easily enter this removal code during the ordering process. You also need to provide the login details of your current hosting package or server, so that we can transfer the data completely.

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