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Application Main Features

  • User Management
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Property Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Property Unit Management
  • Maintainer Management
  • Maintenance Request Management
  • Support System
  • Contact Management
  • Income / Expense Management
  • System Settings
  • Payment Settings
  • Manage Transaction
  • Account Settings


Why Use Property Management System or Rental Property Management System (PMS)?

A Property Management System is a software solution designed to streamline and automate the processes related to managing rental properties and tenants.

  • Tenant Management: Manage activities associated with tenants such as room booking and unit assignment.
  • Lease Management: Monitor lease agreements and track renewal schedules.
  • Tenant Area: An Online Area where tenants can submit queries, pay rent and bills, and interact with property staff.
  • Vacancy Tracking: Track the vacancy and occupancy status of your property units.

How Does Property Management System (PMS) Facilitate Financial Management?

Property Management System (PMS) simplifies Property management by automating tenants, staff, managing expenses, and generating financial reports. This ensures transparency and accuracy in financial transactions within the educational institution.

Is Training Required for Implementing Property Management System (PMS)?

While Property Management System (PMS) software is designed to be user-friendly, we  typically provide training sessions to ensure that administrators and staff are proficient in utilizing all the features. Ongoing support and training may be available to address any challenges that may arise.

Is There Any Online Support Facility Available?

Our Company has a dedicated team of support executives who can be reached through telephone, remote connection, Whatsapp or online chat. All the complaints raised within PMS are reviewed and escalated to the support team who will work for you to solve the issue at the earliest.

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