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Application Main Features

  • Users Management.
  • Categories Management.
  • Loan Plans Management.
  • Loans Management.
  • Payment Gateways Management.
  • Deposits Management.
  • Withdrawals Management.
  • Support Ticket Management.
  • Report Management.
  • Subscribers Management.
  • General Setting.
  • Cron Job Setting.
  • System Configuration.


How Does Loan Management System Work?

Loan management system is a digital platform that helps lenders simplify and automate their loan processes. It handles everything from application to repayment, including customer information, propositions, and collections.

What are the Benefits of Loan Management System?

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Improved risk management
  • Better customer experience
  • Accurate reporting and analytics
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Optimized collections
  • Centralized data management
  • Increased productivity

12 Factors Why You Should Choose Our Loan Management System

1. Broader Coverage

It is vital to explore a loan management solution that covers an array of uses from mortgage documentation or asset financing to commercial leasing or consumer loans.

2. User Friendly

It is important to have a Loan Management System that is simple to setup and configure to any business’ needs no matter how simple or complex they may be.

3. Centralized Solution

A good LMS ensures all of its loan application data becomes centralized into a holistic and singular view for the loan department.

4. Speed & Agility

The quick approval and sanction of the loans in an institution is an asset to the institution and an attraction to the clients.

5. Authenticated Access

Accessibility of loan management system is of utmost importance to the NBFCs for sanctioning of loans and enabling a robust company review and monitoring process. Granting permission via credential-based access helps the financial institutions to access the relevant documents from third-parties quicker and without waiting for unnecessary approvals.

6. Technology and Customer Service Support

A good Loan Management System harnesses the technological advancements to provide the best experience of disbursing loans and strengthening the non-banking financial institution’s customer service function.

7. Cloud-Based or On-Premise Deployment

Cloud computing is playing a vital role in the financial sector and improving business efficiencies. It makes the lending process more feasible, more productive, efficient and available at lower costs.

8. Better Third Party Integration

It is vital for a loan processing model to work in sync with a lot of other systems in order to provide the team up-to-date information.

9. Microservices-Based Architecture

Having a microservice based loan management system would ensure that the system is credible, agile and better suited for the sanctioning of loans.

10. Web and Mobile Compatibility

Application based services in Android and iPhones have become common in today’ mobile driven economy and can be used by the lending industry in order to make the LMS more efficient.

11. 100% Secure Operations

Since a lot of important data is just one click away, one can streamline the entire management of loans and all concerned documents through credential-based, secure cloud-based data management.

12. Scalability Cost

With a LMS a lot of the cumbersome work is eliminated. To get a true picture of the ROI the product delivers, all costs that scale up the product need to be factored in.

Is Training Required for Loan Management Software (LMS)?

While Loan Management System (LMS) software is designed to be user-friendly, we typically provide training sessions to ensure that administrators and staff are proficient in utilizing all the features. Ongoing support and training may be available to address any challenges that may arise.

Is There Any Online Support Facility Available?

Our Company has a dedicated team of support executives who can be reached through telephone, remote connection, Whatsapp or online chat. All the complaints raised within LMS are reviewed and escalated to the support team who will work for you to solve the issue at the earliest.

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