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Application Main Features

  • Support Multi-currency
  • Support Multi-language
  • Support Quick check-ins
  • Manage Hotel expenses
  • Manage Reservations (Check-ins, check-outs)
  • Manage food items
  • Manage product stocks
  • Manage room categories
  • Manage room types and rooms
  • Manage room amenities
  • Manage users
  • Manage user permissions
  • Manage site settings
  • Manage to housekeep orders
  • Manage laundry orders
  • Manage room price season wise
  • Manage vendors
  • Manage multi-language
  • Manage food orders (Room and Table orders)
  • Swap Room after booking
  • Available/Booked room shown in the calendar
  • Advance pay after booking
  • Print Advance pay slip
  • Easily filter CheckOuts and food orders
  • Export excel CheckOuts, food orders, expenses, customers
  • Print multiple invoices (Kitchen invoice, final food invoice)


What is a Hotel Management System or Hotel Property Management System (HMS)?

A Hotel Management System (HMS) is software used in the hotel industry to control, organize, and execute the operations and day-to-day activities of a hotel (from boutique to hotel chains), hostel, B&B, inn, or vacation rental property. The core functions of the HMS system include managing workflows for both back office and front office day operations, like a reservation system and guest profiles, room inventory and occupancy, pricing and RevPAR, check-in and check-out, housekeeping, invoicing, and reporting.

Why should you use our Hotel Management System (HMS)?

With our cloud-based hotel property management system you get everything you need to run your hotel. You won’t need to do manual work anymore. It is safe and secure technology. No installation or download required. You can have access to your data from anywhere, anytime. 

Which Hotel Property Management System is the best?

The best property management systems available today are web-based, integrated, and have an open API to allow for customization and meet the needs of different types of properties.

How Does HMS Help The Hospitality Industry?

A property management system (HMS) is software that facilitates a hotel's reservation management and administrative tasks. The most important functions include front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing.

How Does Hotel Management System (HMS) Facilitate Financial Management?

Hotel Management System (HMS) simplifies financial management by automating bookings collection, managing expenses, and generating financial reports. This ensures transparency and accuracy in financial transactions within the educational institution.

Is Training Required for Implementing Hotel Management System (HMS)?

While Hotel Management System (HMS) software is designed to be user-friendly, we typically provide training sessions to ensure that administrators and staff are proficient in utilizing all the features. Ongoing support and training may be available to address any challenges that may arise.

Is there any online Support Facility Available?

Our Company has a dedicated team of support executives who can be reached through telephone, remote connection, Whatsapp or online chat. All the complaints raised within HMS are reviewed and escalated to the support team who will work for you to solve the issue at the earliest.

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