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Tour Operators Manager

Tour operators must integrate a wide range of touristic services for an attractive packages in order to be able to market this at the best. It is important to note to have the overview on the wide range of services and store the data in the system as soon as possible and can be easily made ready to use for the sale.

Based on this a product was created using the Tourism Suite Package, which enables the provision of different touristic services, which can be integrated arbitrarily for dynamic packaging. All packages are offered via specific configured developed for this product. The customer himself can customize his “Desired package” within the scope specified by the operator arbitrarily and thus can design his individual travel offers.

Benefits and Advantages

  1. Generating quotes and itineraries has never been easier - Quickly and easily build custom itineraries
  2. ToursManager user interface helps speed up your productivity - Our software uses a familiar and intuitive user interface to make building itineraries a breeze
  3. NEVER again incur losses by applying the wrong rates or forgetting park entry fees - Rates are applied reliably and accurately per calendar day
  4. Cater for both resident and non-resident rates - ToursManager even allows you to mix both rates within one quotation
  5. Multi-currency enabled - Apply various currencies to rates and quotations
  6. ToursManager has an impressive list of reports - Keep up to speed with all your tours and finances
  7. Keep your finances on track - All financial information at your fingertips with the integrated accounting module

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