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Website / App Update and Management Training

It’s important that you have access to your website or application and are making regular improvements. We help you or your team learn how to update and maintain your website. 

You will learn how to get into your website and make simple changes without fear. Your website needs to be updated regularly to please your visitors but also search crawlers. To stay seen and present yourself and your brand in a positive light, there are a lot of boxes to tick. This training session is enough to get you feeling much more confident about how to update your website with text and images and updates that will strengthen your brand. 

Website update and management training session details 

In your website update training, you’ll learn all basics about visitors, tracking traffic and how you can make basic text, image and styling updates on your website. You do not need to know how to code to improve and manage your own website. Your website is like your online shopfront so merchandising your store front window is important, and making sure your products and services are articulated clearly is crucial. 

In our website update training learn;

  • The basics about websites and your visitor behaviour
  • How to make simple updates to images, text and styling (colours, fonts)
  • How to figure out what to put on your website
  • How to track visitor behaviour and the statistics that really matter
  • Writing text for the digital environment - how is it different?
  • How SEO works 

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