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The support that we offer, except technical solutions also includes the assistance of consultants and analysts who can help you to find and add the correct information on your website or Internet project.

We have various offers on support of your websites or online projects. The cost depends on the amount of work that will be held monthly over them. Therefore, our tariff plans are very flexible. Depending on what you choose, we provide you with an experienced specialist in support of websites and Internet projects.

Our items is a support department of existing customers, a dedicated channel, modern means of information protection and monitoring of projects, which in complex will let to achieve the best results for your company.
Let's divide the main types of support work:

Website technical support - a complex of works on verifying the integrity of its structure, working capacity of links and hosting, updates of server's software where a website is hosted, checking logs, etc.

Website informational support - monitoring about information relevance, adding and editing of sections, news, catalog of products, prices, photo and video location, etc.

Warranty on software solutions - we give 12 month term on our software and its support by our company's staff. Of course, this paragraph applies to unique software that is designed exclusively for your business. All ready solutions haven't bugs and errors.

Staff training and consulting - after the introduction of content management system Admin CMS we immediately teach a responsible for website updating employee from the staff of your company, how to use this system. Besides, you can be connected to the support console of your website, where you will be able not just to point out errors in the website, but also to ask questions by getting comprehensive advices on them.

Creation of technical documentation - a very important part of large projects, such as portals, corporate portals or information projects.

As a rule, project consists of the user's part, which describes how to use a software, opens functional opportunities and specifications. The second part is a technical documentation - description of program code, classes, functions, methods and all the nuances that may be needed for other developers for further work with our software.

Design-solutions support - banners creation, photo processing, photo shooting, development of new promo-materials, presentations, new design templates and all what can require a professional designer's work.

Search engine support - optimization, promotion and internet advertising.

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